History – Story of Boss

Mr. Dilli Raj Gyawali is a Gulmi born Nepalese who migrated to Bangkok in 1992 and established Boss Sukhumvit in Thailand.

His journey to Bangkok, led him to meet friends from American and European continent who often conversed about fashion, which eventually sparked Mr. Dilli’s interest towards Fashion Industry. 

Being a Non-Resident Nepali Association Member (NRNA, Thailand), Mr. Dilli took an initiative to bring Boss Tailoring to Kathmandu in order to provide top class suiting and shirting experience while enabling employment opportunities as well as bringing Bangkok Tailoring skill in Nepal to support NRNA mandate. 

Mr. Dilli along with his team, seeks to provide an excellent Tailoring service to set a suit culture in Nepal through Boss Kathmandu.

Mission and Value

As a newly established Custom Made Tailor, Boss Kathmandu aims at tailoring each clothing item –  utilizing patterns and design in order to render customers with a custom fitted suit. Boss Kathmandu recognizes that traditional suits have some disadvantages like: higher cost but low quality of fabrics and below standard longevity of suits currently available in the Nepalese Tailor Market.

Thus, committed to resolve such challenge, Boss Kathmandu invites all passionate suit lovers who wishes to experience a wordclass fabric, custom knitted that is not only perfect fit but also brings glamour in styling up for all women and men.